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How you ever felt that you are living a “paint by numbers” kind of life? That your day in and day out is fully scripted before you open your eyes not much room for creativity, innovation or even personal growth? 

Many professionals feel the hamster wheel effect,  working 10-12 hour days. You come home, go to the gym, cook dinner, shower, fall asleep in front of the TV only to start it all over again. Groundhog day cycles. Structure and formula can lead to success but converge on living a B- life.

But if you are anything like I was. Feeling like you are in a hamster wheel while at the same time driving a nice car, living in a comfortable home, taking luxurious vacations and saving as much as I used to… well what do we have to complain about, right?

My hamster wheel was gold plated. I enjoyed my colleagues, my company treated me well, I traveled to exotic places, I was the “rich” aunt with always the best birthday gifts. But I felt empty.


I felt guilty for feeling empty.

What was wrong with me?

So how do you fill that empty well? 

While I took the road less traveled; I moved on and away from my previous career; that is not the only solution. 

90% percent of my clients simply need a 5%-10% tweak to shift from a hamster wheel feeling to a driver seat experience of their lives. They need to design a path from a B- experience of life to a full on A+ one.

So ready to try it out? 

Here’s the first step I took to become aware of my restlessness and acknowledge it.

We can’t shift what we don’t know. 

Let’s name this feeling.

Let’s work on YOUR prototype:

Alignment with who you REALLY are. 

  • What makes you smile?
  • What makes you mad?
  • What, when present makes you feel alive?

The answer to these simple questions, will give you an insight of your VALUES. Now if you’ve never heard that term let me tell you a value is.

There are 2 types of values:  fear-based or conscious based. Values based on fear are the ones that cause us to take action to avoid something. They are the “have to’s” or “shoulds”. Conscious values allow people to take positive action. They are the “want-to’s”. 

Let me share with you, my own personal values to give you an example. My values are: Freedom, Commitment, Abundance, Honesty and Personal Growth.

Now identify yours. From the list below, circle YOUR top five VALUES.

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