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3D illustration of black pawns and focus on a golden one. Concept of uniqueness and talent.

I began the next step in my journey, the practice of being ordinary. I recalled Dr. Michael Ray’s book Creativity in Business and realized I had to acknowledge, without thinking about it,
that I possess the capacity to meet, gracefully and productively, whatever situation or challenge I find on my plate. This meant taking away all of the things that would stop me from showing
up every day and being my true self, the unvarnished me that shows up when nobody else is watching. The me that doesn’t get stressed out, the me who is able to tackle most challenges with champion skills. The resilient me.

This simple decision moved me forward, I was just going to be ordinary and ordinary was going to be spectacular. It was enough for me to tackle the most amazing opportunities and thought processes that were coming my way. I was going to tackle this stage in my journey by acquiring the skills I need to help with my personal transformation. I was not going to let myself or anyone else unduly influence me in getting stressed out because stress and fear don’t serve me. Being ordinary was enough for me to be successful. The practice of being ordinary is easily underrated and overlooked but it is the foundation of a champion’s resilience.

There are things in life that require extraordinary effort, but I trusted all of the steps in my journey could be completed by being ordinary. This is a classic coaching technique it’s called the reframe. The reframe is the cornerstone of redesigning your career. I learned along the way there are many lenses for us to look at life through. I picked one that let me view life optimistically, as a success.

You must first set yourself up for success before anyone else can.

We all chase “happiness”. Not knowing there are other ways to find satisfaction. Use the art of the REFRAME to design your new rules of life. Reframing is gold that coaches sprinkle into a client’s life. I take a neutral or negative statement or idea and reframe it with positive energy and empowering impact. Sounds pollyannaish and it is, but it works.

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